Does anyone remember when McDonald’s used to look like this?











Or better yet, this?










McDonald’s is currently undergoing another brand transformation which is costing them $1 billion, and it looks like this:

Sleek, shiny, linear, simple, and modern. As you can see, the symbolic red mansard roof has been flipped over and stuck to the side of the building as a simple red block. It draws a lot of attention and semiotically helps people recognize the establishment.

Although this transformation is new and hip (especially the interiors, which help to completely forget that someone is eating high calorie and tricks them into thinking that they are eating high end), the cladding on the facade looks a little cheap in real life. Also, previous designs of  McDonald’s developments have included numerous efforts to alter the base design into a design that fits its surroundings. How will this new transformation fit in with its surroundings now? The materials and shapes are foreign to most places and spaces, and will probably end up standing out because of its cartoon-like look.

In conclusion, this transformation will bring the company better business, especially since it comes along with interior workspace improvements to refine speed and quality of service. It will also semiotically alter the the appearance of the restaurant in many ways that represent speed, quality and hospitality. It is a very beautiful restaurant for what it is serving, however it may be pushing the boundaries of modern architecture down a lonely path.

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